Friday, July 22, 2011


Seriously I think I need to have a blog, to note down all the crazy, funny and stupid things that I'd experienced. So that I can laugh when I look back my posts in the future. :D Writing blog can improve our language, to note down our feelings, to let others know more about us and also, we can recall back the blessings that given by God, which are more than enough^^. 每天数算主的恩典,学习感恩,就会知道我们有多么幸福。;]

Tonight, a crazy night. Haha. At first I decided to have our dinner at Karawara, because I stayed at home for the whole day already and I wanted to go out. Ricky said he wanted to go Carousel, but then Xiao Zhen was just coming back from Carousel. I forgot who is the one who said city got late night shopping on Thursday night? So, we decided to go city, randomly. And we just checked for the bus time then we went to city straight away.  And of course we have some random chit chat in the bus. And we even stopped at a random place, a place called England Street (maybe something like that, xD).
When we reached city, we were, "many people"...kena holan..because all shops were closed. [=.=] But nevermind, because we were RANDOM! hiak hiak hiak. We simply had our dinner at KFC and Hungry Jacks, which was quite random as well. :D We have some random chit chat, random topic, and we saw some random people dancing and singing in KFC. Just don't know why, everything was soooo random tonight, pretty fun. hahahaha.

After that, we walked around and we reached the cinema in the city. Actually we wanted to watch Transformer 3 in 3D, but we missed it, sad. T.T. So, we chose another movie randomly, which started at 9.30pm. Then, we walked to Northbridge and bought bubble tea at EasyWay. (It's raining and we kept running here and there, but actually Northbridge is quite near to the cinema, we just can't find the correct way. But thanks God, we found the correct way at last and thanks God again, EasyWay was open, hahaha.) Then, we walked back again to the cinema for our movie. Again, RANDOM!

I've no comment about the movie. I just can said, we chose a random movie which was a bit wrong. Hahaha because some of the scenes got a bit 18+. >< We should have knew it earlier when we found out that the cinema was full with couples and just three of us are students, silly huh? But it's okay. It gave us a lesson that we will not simply choose the movie next time. Another first time for this year. By the way, I experienced many "first time" in my life in this year. :D hahaha.

And finally, randomly we missed our bus, which actually was at 11.20pm. And we need to wait until 12.05am for the last bus. NEW EXPERIENCE. I still can remember how scared were we, because only three of us walking on the street and with some random people. Perth is quite unsafe actually. Scary. I kept praying in my heart because that's the way I could find peace in my mind. :D We walked as fast as we could to the esplanade busport. Thanks God because we reached there safely.

We met a random friend who came from Thailand at the busport. And we talked about Thailand food, Thai language, her life and other random stuff. Haha. Luckily we're quite good in social........(nah, perhaps ><) haha. And we reached home at 12.35am. WOW THANKS GOD! HAHAHA.

In conclusion, it was a fun and adventurous night, and of course RANDOM night! This is so 难得 because we really won't have this opportunity to be so random during school days. Thanks God in everything that we experienced today. We have learned some new things. It will be our memory in the future.


OMG we should take photos just now T_T haih, it's over. 

Ivan Lau Wen Wen, I need my camera backkkkkkk haha.(with RANDOM ending too :D)

By R3d@pp|e.


  1. hahaha!!! rili ah????? ask dad buy new one for me la, i still need it in Abu Dhabi!!! XDXDXD

  2. Finally some english and something i can actually know about how you are there. I only came to check out your blog coz you said it would be in english...Keep It UP^^

    What a random and fun night you had with your friends. I think the best days of our lives are the days that seemed absolutely random. But in fact, It's all detaily planned out by God. So, for the reason you gave expalining why you started this blog...I "Like."