Saturday, August 27, 2011


I have already live in Perth for 8 months.
WAUPP is more important than SPM.
Actually I think all of the exam in my life are important.
I've no idea that did I change?
Did I become a different person after I come to Perth?
I know physically got la (become fatter omg T.T), mentally.....not sure XD
hope got more mature la hahaha. 
one thing for sure is .. I miss you guys so much ;D 
We didn't have a nice chat for a really long time. 
In fact, we're all busy in our studies. 
We have our new gang.
And we have our own life now.
I think this is called as 成长的代价。
Thanks God that I met you all in my life. 
All of you are my angels in my life.
I really treasure those memories. <3
Hope that we still can meet each other one day.
Be strong people! and also to me! jiayou!!

May God bless all of us! 
Lord, please lead us and guide us so that we can walk in the correct path.
Please let us know what YOU want us to do but not what we want to do.

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